Top Traits to Look For in a Great Boss


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On the job hunt? We all know that getting a position is all about finding the right fit. But sometimes that match is less about the specific role and more about who you’ll report to. Here are our top traits you should seek in a boss.

Active Listener

As an employee, you need a supervisor that can be supportive and thoughtful. A characteristic of a great leader is the ability to listen and provide constructive criticism. But you don’t just want a boss that hears you – it’s all about active listening. This process of processing input and breaking down the message ensures your thoughts are being heard.


A rigid boss is a tough one to work with. Most employees thrive when they can play to their strengths. That’s why flexibility in a supervisor is so important. Ask your potential employer throughout the interview if there are ways you would be able to build on your strengths and operate effectively. If you’re a night owl, ask if you can flex your hours in the evenings. Need silence to operate? Ask about headphone policies or office availability. The reaction you receive will indicate how comfortable you’ll be in your new role.


You want to work for someone who is firm but fair. The best bosses understand that life gets in the way sometimes. An empathetic boss will understand when you need a mental health day, or need an extension on a project. You want to report to an individual that can relate to the experience of a customer and an employee, so make sure you feel a connection with your new boss.

Now that you’ve identified ideal traits for your potential employer, it’s time to find the perfect posting. Consult the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing to track down the best position for your skillset. As a top construction firm in the Southeast U.S., our agency can help you find the right job. Contact us today to learn more.

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