3 Ways To Incorporate Work-Life Balance Back Into Your Week


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The desire to succeed in the workplace is often accompanied by stress and mismanaged time. You may find yourself staying hours late at work when you’re behind on a project. If your manager offers you overtime pay, you’re likely to take it. But how do you prevent overexertion? If you’re experiencing stress or burnout, here are the top three ways you can incorporate work-life balance into your week.

Health and Wellness

The idea of grinding until you collapse is not a safe one. As much as employers love to see a dedicated worker, most bosses understand that everyone needs a break. One way you can implement more work-life balance in your day-to-day professional life is to encourage an emphasis on health and wellness. Creating a working culture of healthy living helps you and your colleagues stay sharp each day at work. This can be as simple as teaching mindful breathing techniques, or you can work with your team to organize quick workouts once a week.

Flex Your Time

Speak with your supervisor regarding the merits of flex time. Work-life balance can be achieved by working your set hours. It’s detrimental to both you and your employer to be working double shifts and overtime. Here are some ways you may be able to flex your time if your employer allows it:

  • Evening and weekend options
  • Longer days in exchange for an extra day off
  • Remote work when possible

Keep Morale High

As a team member, there are ways you can help your entire staff feel a sense of work-life balance. After a long project or a tough season, be the person that brings some fun to the team dynamic. Consider scheduling a monthly happy hour to keep spirits up, or finding fun ways to infuse each day with a pick-me-up. A “Star of the Week” program that comes with positive affirmations and a candy bar can really help boost team morale. Get creative to identify the best ways you can brighten each day for your coworkers, and your group can be more productive.


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