The Role of a Staffing Firm in Eliminating Administrative Headaches


CCS Construction Staffing

Administrative paperwork: the bane of any construction project manager. Losing out on vital time on the job because you’re buried in paperwork and other administrative duties? We feel your frustration. How does teaming up with a staffing firm help you get back to work? We’ll share that with you here:

We Bring You Top Candidates

Staffing agencies, like CCS Construction Staffing, identify dependable tradesmen to work on construction sites as soon as you need them. Filling positions can be incredibly time-consuming. The advantage of working with a staffing firm is that you’ll bring on workers fast with quality qualifications. Candidates through a staffing agency are retained because they are proven to be hard-working, reliable, and personable. Not only do you gain access to top talent; your recruits come pre-screened so you don’t have to lift a finger on the administrative side. Say goodbye to piles of resumes – we’ve got you covered.

We Do the Legwork

Not only do we provide the manpower, we make sure that new hires are ready to hit the ground running. If you team up with our construction staffing agency, here are just some of the headaches you’ll never have to deal with again:

  • Sorting through resumes
  • Drug screenings
  • Multiple interviews (phone and in-person)
  • Comprehensive Reference Checks
  • Any necessary skill and safety tests

We Save You Money

With a staffing agency, you get a streamlined hiring and onboarding process that helps your bottom line. Attracting qualified workers is a misuse of your construction resources. Delegate marketing to a staffing agency that knows exactly how to bring in fresh talent. You can also skip processing payroll and cut costs by hiring effectively. We’re experts at understanding the construction timeline, and we can bring in workers just as you need them without wasting your time.


Looking to team up with a professional construction firm? Check out CCS Construction Staffing. We offer 24/7 contact, and can find top professionals for any job you need to accomplish. For more information on our talented recruits in the Southeast US, contact us today.


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