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Trades in the construction industry gain many advantages. Increased pay, rewarding assignments, and abundant opportunities are just a few benefits of specializing in a specific facet of construction work. Training to become an electrician takes several years and a lot of hard work, but any professional can tell you there are many benefits to this line of work. If you’re looking to commit to a career as an electrician, here are our top three tips on how to knock it out of the park.

Tip 1: Get Pre-Apprenticeship Training

More than ever, getting a leg up on your colleagues helps in the construction industry. Our insider advice is to start learning before your formal training begins. Stand out by learning the fundamentals early, either in trade school or a technical program. Getting accustomed to the rules, regulations, and best practices of a successful electrician. Being comfortable with mathematics and problem-solving doesn’t hurt either. If you enter an apprenticeship, prep yourself with knowledge of workplace safety and the basics of electrical work. Check out offerings at local community colleges, or contact trade organizations to find training opportunities.

Tip 2: Gain an Apprenticeship

Apply as soon as you’re ready to any available openings for an electrician apprenticeship. Some programs can be competitive or fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate if you find a good fit. If accepted, you’ll take an initial exam and get up to speed on Electrician Work 101. You can expect the following as well during your apprenticeship:

* Initial Interview

* Basic Aptitude Test

* Drug Screening

* Direct Mentorship from a Seasoned Journeyperson

* Hourly Pay during On-Site Practical Assignments

You read it right folks – if you gain an apprenticeship to become an electrician, you’ll be paid for the work you do on site as you’re learning. Opportunities like this are rare in the era of unpaid internships. Construction work supplies real on-the-job training and is the best way to create a lasting career for yourself.

Tip 3: Get Certified

Check with local and state regulations to find out what certifications or licenses you need to execute official electrician projects. You may need to pass a specific test or gain approval in some states. You never want to perform work without meeting the expectations of the state, and typically the certification or licensing process is simple. Find your location on this map to determine what qualifications you’ll need to meet.

Now that you’ve got a heads up on what it takes to become an electrician, it’s time to scope out available opportunities. Check out the listings available through CCS Construction Staffing to see if you can find a great fit for your skills and experience. For more information on any construction jobs in the Southeast US, contact us today.

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