5 Ways a Staffing Firm Increases Your Company’s Productivity


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If you’re a manager looking to maximize your company’s potential, you know the importance of teaming up with valuable partners. At CCS Construction Staffing, we know the challenges of the industry and are ready to help you focus on the work that matters. Here are five ways a staffing firm will increase your company’s productivity.

1. Outsource Administrative Duties


The first way you can boost productivity is to outsource your HR troubles. Our professionals take care of pre-interview and post-interview tasks to help shorten the time it takes to get new hires from the application to the job site. Background checks, resume screenings, drug tests – this can all be referred to the professionals.

2. Simplify Your Paperwork


When you’re working with a limited candidate pool and a short timeline, it’s essential to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic delays. Staffing firms can help you centralize your documents through software that can help you stay organized and have a template ready for any form you need to generate on the spot. Maintaining a database for employees to sign electronically saves you time and stress.

3. Broaden Your Hiring Horizons


If your projects lack adequate manpower, you may need to work with a staffing agency to help you get creative. To bring in qualified workers quickly, team up with a company that has a hiring network already secured that you can tap into. Staffing agencies recruit over a large region to give you access to candidates in nearby states and cities.

4. Increase Time on Site


Construction managers are meant to take charge in the field, not screen resumes or sift through applications. It’s easy for construction managers to get tied up in the admin tasks that can interfere with your designated duties. Working with a staffing agency maximizes efficiency by handling the dirty work so you can get back to the job at hand.

5. Improving the Candidate Experience


Happy workers are more productive, and effective managers hire top recruits. If you can provide job candidates with a positive hiring experience, they’ll be more effective on the job. Our recruiters can help your team by building relationships with laborers and trades and selling your vision to potential employees. With help from a staffing firm, your construction professionals will be ready to jump in to any site project.


If you’re looking for more ways to maximize productivity, consult the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing. As a top construction firm in the Southeast U.S., we provide quick turnaround on any task. Our 24/7 service helps you focus on the projects that matter most. To fill positions on your team with qualified trades, contact us today.

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