How Can You Control Construction Project Costs


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Overwhelmed by costs? We understand the struggle of trying to perfect the bidding balancing act. You want to pitch a great bid that wins over your client, but it can be difficult to keep costs low throughout a project. Once the work begins, managing cash flow can seem overwhelming. Here’s how you can deliver high quality work while keeping costs low during a construction project.

Get Your Bid Right

The first step to keeping your costs low is an accurate bid. If you don’t overestimate, it’s easier to come in under budget. If your estimate is too high in the initial stages, your team can’t recuperate during the job. Give your staff some wiggle room, and make sure you’re doing your homework. Research every aspect of each bid to ensure your pitch for resources, labor, and additional expenses is as precise as possible. Start off on the right foot by providing an exact estimation so you can manage every subsequent dollar spent on the job.

Scheduling Savvy

One way costs can slip through the cracks? Lazy labor processes. If you’re not monitoring your labor choices carefully, payroll can get out of control. Maximize your staff’s potential by assessing their skills and perfectly aligning them with the task at hand. You don’t want to bring in an expert craftsman for a custom job when you haven’t laid the cement yet. Plan your crew’s hours strategically so that you never run into a scheduling conflict.

Material Management

Inventory management is one method of controlling costs that can keep you organized and stay under budget. If you don’t update your tracking methods, you’ll face chaos when you step on the site. Keep your costs low by knowing exactly what you have in stock and on the site at all times. Consider updating your inventory management system to something based on QR codes, so you can scan and go.


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