How to Work Around the Labor Shortage


Construction Executive

Demand for commercial construction projects is high, but the labor market starts looking pretty picked over in July. Since the recession, it’s been challenging for many managers to recruit qualified workers. Not enough millennials are entering the field to replace retiring baby boomers. If you’re looking to fully equip your construction workforce for future projects, we can help you work around the labor shortage.

Expand Your Pool

Consider new geographic options. CCS Construction Staffing pulls recruits from all over the southeastern United States. If you’re shorthanded on a commercial project in South Carolina, do some outreach to find workers in Georgia or North Carolina. Broadening your horizons will give you access to new qualified candidates. Many construction professionals will travel for a job, especially if the price is right.

Mind Your Timeline

Checking dates is vital in the construction industry. Our work is subject to the weather and other unpredictable variables, so you need to be proactive if you want to meet your deadlines. Tighten your existing timeline and anticipate any delays. This will help you maintain a balanced labor schedule. Knowing your timelines inside and out will help you reduce costs and maximize your workforce. Know when you’ll need workers so you can staff up at the right times.

The Staffing Agency Advantage

Small labor pool getting you down? Your best bet is to work with an expert staffing agency that specializes in construction recruiting. Team up with an organization like CCS Construction Staffing to gain access to:

  • Premium candidate listings
  • Hiring tips and tricks
  • Drug screenings and background checks expedited by our professionals
  • Quick contact to help you fill positions

If you’re still struggling to find quality construction staff, consult the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing. We recruit talented construction trades ready to tackle any project. Check out our website today to connect with the best construction staffing agency in the Southeast US.

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