Tips to Protect Your Skin Against the Sun


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Summer means lots of construction projects, outdoor activities, and scalding sunshine. When you’re out on a job especially in the summer months, it’s essential to protect yourself. It’s not uncommon in the construction industry to take on a full week of outdoor tasks in 90+ degree heat. It can be especially dangerous if you are on the blacktop or remaining stationary for hours at a time. Don’t assume your employer will keep you covered on the job. Take some initiative and be sure you’re taking all proper precautions to protect your skin against the sun.

The Importance of Sun Safety


Do not underestimate the toll a summer sun can take on a construction professional. Even the most seasoned pros get burned every once in a while. If you neglect your skin one day on the site, you’re going to hurt even more the next day with a bad burn. And it’s not just the discomfort you need to worry about: outdoor assignments make you extra vulnerable to skin cancer. Melanoma is a serious threat to your health and can be avoided through the proper safety steps. Additionally, don’t forget to take precautions even on a cloudy day. Minimal sunshine doesn’t mean you’re not in danger. As a construction worker, you need to be protecting your skin every day, no matter the forecast.



The first and most important measure in sun protection is, of course, sunscreen. Use a strong UV blocker with at least an SPF of 30, and be sure to apply liberally. Use more than you think you need to ensure total coverage, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours at minimum. It’s also important to remember not to fully rely on sunblock. To stay completely safe, we recommend sunglasses, sleeves, and a hat if you’re not wearing protective headgear.

Stay Covered


While on the site, make every effort to stay covered throughout the day. It may not always be an option, but working in the shade or indoors is always best to avoid the sun’s harmful rays. We also advise seeking cover during the peak hours of sun intensity. If you know you’re going to be out in the heat with no barriers to the sun, wear lightweight full coverage clothing. Long sleeves and pants may not sound ideal for a summer climate, but it’s what experts recommend to prevent sunburn.


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