How Are You Driving Great Employees To Your Company? Here Are 5 Tips to Consider!


CCS Construction Staffing

Recruiting top workers can be challenging, especially in the construction industry. Hard workers with reliability and longevity aren’t always easy to come by. If you’re looking to bring in high quality professionals, we’ve got 5 tips to help you hire the best candidates.

1. Widen Your Pool

The first way to hire better workers is to think outside the box when it comes to your candidate pool. It’s not enough to post on Indeed and wait for applicants. Attend hiring events to find prospective employees, or create your own forum. Contact community colleges or high schools to see if you can drum up interest in construction work. Set up a table for students about to enter the workforce to show them dynamic career opportunities. Top hiring managers know that finding great workers comes from being proactive.

2. Utilize Your Team

If you’re having hiring issues, consider looping more people into the process. An interview panel or secondary meeting with staff can really help you understand your candidate through multiple perspectives. Talk to your most trusted staff members and ask them to help with the selection process. You’ll gain valuable insight and earn trust from your team.

3. Maximize Your Hiring Presence

One of the best ways you can hire smarter is to tap into the most current resources. Social media platforms can be your best friend when it comes to accessing fresh talent and qualified workers. Consider using Facebook Jobs to present listings, or create a targeted Instagram campaign to advertise the benefits of working with your company. At a minimum, you need to have a presence on the major platforms so that you can reach others and so that they can reach you.

4. Revamp Your Posting

Not receiving the applicants you were expecting? Try a new posting tactic. Instead of a stuffy list of requirements, write a posting that would intrigue you. Pitch your opening with a catchy hook, and know that you’ll receive more enthusiastic applicants if you are willing to train workers on the job. Although it’s preferred to bring in highly experienced workers, it can be extremely beneficial to bring in new laborers that you can coach into successful trades.

5. Ask the Right Questions

Do you struggle to find the right fit? Do you find yourself hiring the wrong candidates? You may need to revise the interview protocol. Try mixing it up by asking different kinds of questions. Don’t ask them to relay their professional experience, you’ve already got that in their resume. Try to develop an understanding of their approach to common construction concerns, and how they manage their workload. Find out who they are, not what they’ve done. This interview method will give you a better picture of what kind of worker they are.

For more tips on how to recruit and hire the best construction candidates on the market, contact CCS Construction Staffing. Our reputation as a reliable and efficient staffing firm will give you the confidence you need to expand your team. Review our website today to learn more about our qualifications and achievements in the construction industry.

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