Construction Bidding Best Practices for Commercial Work


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In the commercial construction world, the best bid wins. You need to be careful as you calculate costs and the value of your specialized workers to pitch for a job. There’s no right way to bid on commercial gigs, but we can share our top methods that will work for your organization. Bidding is all about creating the most accurate estimate possible and then pitching a competitive bid. You’ll need these tips if you want to be successful and turn an ample profit.

Know Your Audience

Some clients want the lowest possible cost for a job. Other projects will emphasize a need for seriously seasoned trades. It’s your job to know the difference. Accurately assess the needs of a commercial construction job by taking the time to speak with the potential client one-on-one. Find out what they look for, what they expect, and what they’ve experienced throughout projects in the past.

Trust The Tech

Software trends are enabling construction managers to expertly navigate the bidding process. Many general contractors use tech to create a fair bid. There have been huge leaps in software development — this is not your father’s computer program. Automating job costing can save you time and money, which helps you get back on site ASAP. Bidding software varies and will typically cost from $50 to $350 depending on your requirements, but often pays for itself as a vital investment.

Use Online Bid Systems

If you don’t feel like wasting paper on contracts, let the internet do your bidding. There are multiple websites perfect for this function that can help you:

  • Tender documents and contracts
  • Select qualified contractors
  • Choose procurement strategies and resolve disputes
  • Manage and maintain the entire bidding process

To learn more about best practices in the construction industry, team up with CCS Construction Staffing. Our staffers know exactly what it takes to build a reliable team and land the best construction gigs. Contact us today for more resources.

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