Tips on How Construction Managers Can Help Support Employee Health


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The construction industry is a tough one – you’ll have to push yourself to stand out. This field is among the most dangerous, so employee health is of the utmost importance. As a construction manager, you may be wondering how you can make time to prioritize employee health. CCS Construction Staff knows how to find little ways to improve employee health and show appreciation throughout any project. Here are our top recommendations for how you can support employee health for your construction team:

Help Smokers Quit

One common health problem construction workers face is the difficult process of quitting smoking. Nicotine addiction can cause extreme harm to your construction staff, so it’s in your best interest to help your employees kick the habit. There are many things that can assist this process. Our favorite resource comes from the American Cancer Society, the Great American Smokeout. This website provides tons of resources like a helpful quitting guide, and do’s and don’ts on helping your workers quit. Use these insights to guide your staff members into a healthier lifestyle.

Make Health A Priority On The Job

While workers are on the job, it may be hard to find ways to offer healthy options. Do what you can on-site and off. At your central location, stock the staff shared space with healthy snacks and dietary suggestions. Even if your team is out on a job, encourage a ten-minute stretch break or a group fitness session with some basic aerobic exercises.

Work With Community Partners

To gain access to health services that would normally be unattainable, consider teaming up with local organizations. Contact health insurance companies or nonprofits to find avenues that will help your workers gain access to what they need. Some cities offer free preventative screenings, or you may find a community organization that has a mobile health clinic. Find out how you can provide these services to your construction crew by talking with city officials or making connections with nonprofit professionals. Even tap into local universities or community colleges. Often, colleges will provide free dental cleanings or chiropractic sessions performed by experienced students.

If you’re looking for more ways to support and expand your construction crew, consult the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing. As a top construction firm in the Southeast U.S., we provide quick turnaround on any task, whether you want some quick tips or need to fill positions on your team. Contact us today to learn more.

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