Best Tips on Reducing Turnover of Hourly Employees


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Turnover is the dreaded issue many leaders face, particularly when you staff hourly positions. Spending time and money on an onboarding process, only to have that qualified candidate walk out the door a few weeks later? Quit tearing your hair out and tackle this issue head on. If you want to know how to reduce turnover, keep reading for our best tips.

Pay More


The most effective way to permanently decrease turnover is to increase wages. Many workers cite their reason for leaving an hourly position is that they are not making what they feel they deserve. Pay your people more, and they’ll be less tempted to leave for a better offer. Turnover decreases when you can offer tangible incentives to your staff members. This can also be represented by better benefits or bonuses. If you can’t find a way to improve salaries, find wiggle room in the budget for small incentives that can show your employees that you value them.

Get Involved


One of the most common reasons for turnover is that workers don’t feel included. There’s often a disconnect between salaried employees and hourly workers, so make sure you’re treating your staff fairly. Consider holding team-building activities to boost morale that feature full staff participation. A happy hour where workers can bond and talk shop can do wonders for a disjointed team. You can also make a personal investment in your employees. Take time to hone your leadership skills by doing regular check-ins with your workers. Make your workers feel appreciated, and they’ll return the favor.

Screen Candidates Carefully


Sometimes your turnover problem is actually a hiring problem. It’s possible you’re bringing the wrong people. Be more deliberate with your candidate search by tailoring your job postings and interviewing only the most qualified candidates. Employing people that don’t measure up just to fill the position is a foolish — and expensive — mistake. If you’re having trouble finding a diverse pool of qualified candidates, you need to work with a temporary staffing service. Teaming up with an agency like CCS Construction Staffing can give you insight into any mistakes you may be making. With a database of resources and a premium candidate pool, you’ll be able to hire like never before.


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