Leverage a Construction Staffing Firm To Stay Fully Staffed During Summer Months


Construction Staffing

The summer sun is here to stay: the construction season is upon us. Whether you’re in the thick of a commercial development project or you’re handling smaller contracts that come your way, you’ll need a strong summer staff to get the job done. Seasonal staffing can be a challenge for any construction company, especially with a decrease in eligible workers. If you want to stand out in the construction industry summer season, we’ve got some best practices to keep you prepared.

Don’t Wait


This is our number one tip for seasonal construction staffing. If you start summer hiring in June, you’re too late. The best construction professionals start seeking work in the spring. Create a hiring schedule sometime in the winter that you can bust out as soon as warmer weather approaches. Identify what openings you’ll have, and even create job listing mock-ups. Prepping your hiring process ahead of time will prevent any delays when it’s time to bring in candidates.

Find Temporary Talent


Temporary staffing is a perfect fit for the summer construction rush. Bringing in seasonal workers allows you to get the job done on time, and hiring temporary staff is typically a much faster process than filling permanent positions. Seasonal staffing is all about filling immediate needs, often with a specific skill set. Temporary staffing allows you to do just that, especially if you work with an agency like CCS Construction Staffing.


Take Advantage of Resources


Any professional knows that the quickest way to ensure you are fully staffed for the summer months is to team up with a reliable staffing agency. You want to select your new team members from the widest pool possible, so you need to work with a top construction staffing firm to bring in highly qualified candidates that can hit the ground running. Utilizing a staffing service will let you hand over the HR troubles and focus on project management. Expediting the hiring process with a staffing firm means you get the workers you need on the job quicker than you’d be able to bring them in yourself.


To tackle your summer construction load, you need the most effective staffing firm in the Southeast. CCS Construction Staffing will give you access to highly qualified professionals that can handle any job, and won’t leave you hanging. We’re available 24/7, and can help you staff up for the busiest season – fast. Contact us today to learn more.

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