What You Need To Think About During a Labor Shortage


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The American construction industry is in disarray. There are tons of projects across the country demanding trained professionals. However, the labor shortage is hurting national productivity. Spending on construction projects exceeds 1 trillion dollars, between housing developments and commercial builds. But nothing gets built without a solid team.

If you want to get the job done during a labor shortage, here’s what you’ll need to take on:

Identifying Professional Potential

Skilled workers don’t grow on trees. It’s impractical to wait around for the perfect trade to show up. You need to find trainable employees and transform them into the professional construction staff members your team needs. Instead of trying to hire the right trades, hire young workers with potential that you can provide training to. Making an investment in an employee will pay off on the job. Many construction companies tap into population subsets that suggest a natural tendency toward hands-on work, such as returning troops.

Skilled Workers

To hire skilled workers, incentives are necessary. Our economy doesn’t emphasize the true benefits of a career in construction. A great deal of the labor shortage can be attributed to a lack of fresh, incoming talent. Millennials are unaware of the value of construction trade training, and with many baby boomers leaving the workforce, the country is left without qualified candidates. To bring in young workers, it’s up to construction and trade organizations to offer appealing programs, such as paid apprenticeships or other learn-on-the-job training options.


Emphasize to potential recruits that construction careers offer:

  • Upward Mobility
  • High-Paying Work
  • Atypical Hours
  • High Demand for Workers
  • Leadership Experience

Time is Money

When you’ve got a large-scale project in the works, you know that the time it takes can cost just as much many as the resources. The quicker you can hire experts, and the faster they can perform accurate work, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to deliver to your client promptly. Finding reliable workers means money in the bank for your business. One way to work around labor shortages is to hire candidates with a versatile skill set. Hire staff members with multiple capabilities to ensure your project doesn’t grind to a halt if one employee calls off.


Hiring reliable and versatile construction candidates happens to be our specialty: the experts at CCS Construction Staffing recruit dynamic, qualified talent. If you’re looking to expand your team, but you’re having trouble during the labor shortage, check out our website. We’ve got a diverse candidate pool and pride ourselves on being timely and responsive. Contact us today if you’re ready to fill positions with top talent in the construction industry.

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