Top Skills Employers Look For in HVAC Technicians


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Developing the skills to become a talented HVAC takes time and experience in the industry. Completing training is a big step in the HVAC world, but it’s not the only necessary stepping stone on your journey. When you’re seeking a great HVAC position, you’ll need to prove yourself. Here are the top skills employers seek when they’re looking for a great HVAC technician.

Communication Skills

Just because you have the right paperwork doesn’t mean you’ll get hired on the spot. A winning personality is valuable in any occupation, but specifically important for hands-on trades. The best, most reliable HVAC technicians can build relationships and develop rapport. When you’re on the job or meeting potential clients, create a connection so that you cultivate a positive, professional reputation.

Problem-Solving Abilities

As an HVAC Technician, you won’t be expected to know all the answers every time something goes wrong. However, this career carries an expectation that you will be resourceful and determined. Your bottom line should always be, “I don’t know right now, but I’ll find out.” Utilize your resources when there’s a malfunction is a system or a technical error. Don’t be afraid to contact a colleague or do some independent digging to find the solution.

Desire for Growth

The future of this field is growing. HVAC systems are influenced by industry trends, just as many other fields. For example, HVAC technology is impacted by increased awareness of energy inefficiency and new robotics developments. If you want a job in this market, you need to focus some time and energy on professional development and industry training that can educate you on the latest updates.

Knowledge of Methods and Protocols

HVAC technique isn’t all about these soft skills. You’ll also need to know the tricks of the trade. You should be well-versed in installation techniques, heating and cooling systems, and the ins and outs of duct organization. Technical knowledge will always help you beat out the competition. Get your fundamentals down early, so that you can build on that knowledge in a new position.

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