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The first step to any job search in the construction industry is a proper resume. A common misconception among people who don’t understand our line of work: it’s informal, so you don’t need to list out your skills. This simply isn’t true. These days, construction managers need to be able to find the right fit. You need to stand out to land a position on a work site. Additionally, hiring managers need to know about your abilities before they can decide if you’re suited for the job. Here are our insider tips on how to shape your experience to maximize your opportunities.

Show Your Strengths

Your resume will greatly benefit from including all relevant information. When you’re applying to a construction position, think back of any experience that may help you land the right role. Include a special section on your resume for any trainings, certificates, or licenses you’ve obtained throughout your career. Include anything from OSHA Outreach Training to specific contracting licenses for various disciplines that you may have earned. Any professional development achievements may help your job search.

Try a New Approach

For veterans of the industry, a chronological resume works well. It shows a long history of quality experience in a construction setting. However, those new to construction or the workforce, in general, may want a different tactic: the functional resume. Instead of a historical list of your job experience, a functional format allows you to place less emphasis on your gaps or lack of work history. With a functional format, you can focus on the skills you’ve developed and the experience you’ve gained.

Personalize Your Pitch

One standard resume won’t cut it for every application. Tailor your resume to each job you apply for. For a position like this, you’ll want to highlight any supervisory experience or job-planning expertise. Always make sure you meet the minimum requirements for a position. If you’re suited for an entry-level role but applying for a job that requires five years of experience, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. However, if you think you’re a good fit and you’re not quite sure, go for it. Use your resume to play up valuable traits like your abilities to organize and motivate.

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