Quick Tips to Take the Stress Out of Change Orders


Construction Staffing

If you flinch when you hear “change order”, we’ve been there. However, you might want to consider re-vamping your process. On a construction site, there are often last-minute alterations and final tweaks. However, any quality construction company should be able to handle charge orders effectively. When your organization is struggling with successful management of change orders, take a look at our top tips here:

Consult the Contract

The best way to make sure you successfully handle change orders is to limit them at the beginning of the process. Because a change order is just an amendment to the existing contract you’ve created, make sure your team is extremely communicative creating the contract to prevent too many changer orders. Discuss your change order policy as the papers are drawn up to limit any confusion.

Communication is Everything

Alert your entire team on updates to your change order process – this should include your clients as well as your staff. Subcontractors need to adjust their schedules accordingly, and workers need to be able to start on each task. Additionally, the method of communication can be just as important as the message. Agree on how you’ll contact clients, contractors, and staff members at the initiation of the project.

Streamline Your Process

Keep tabs on everything throughout the project. Documents on pricing, requests, or manpower should all be maintained, even if it doesn’t seem important at the time. Construction is a dynamic industry, so you never know what may happen next. If a change order comes up, don’t delay: handle it immediately to prevent any snags with timing or subcontractors.

If you’re a construction professional eager to make your process more efficient, contact us. CCS Construction Staffing can help you find the best way to keep your team on track and hire the best trades in the business. Visit our website today to learn more.

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