Top Reasons to Consider a Pipefitting Career


Construction Staffing

Whether you’re a young adult looking for a satisfying career path or a seasoned construction professional looking to embrace a specialty, we’re here to talk to you about becoming a pipefitter. Training as a skilled tradesperson will make you marketable and help you get a steady paycheck with challenging and interesting work each day. As a pipefitter, you’ll be mounting and fixing pipes in commercial buildings without a 4-year college degree. Read on to learn more about the benefits of the pipefitting path.

Growing Field

This career path is ideal because it is projected to continue its growth over the next five years. If you’re looking for a track with an above-average growth rate, this is the one. The demand in construction for talented pipefitters is huge, and increasing. Job safety is a big factor in deciding on a career path, and becoming a pipefitter will provide that security for you.

Quick Study

One of the best reasons professionals find to join the pipefitting career is because it gets you money fast. Sometimes the most important thing is simply getting cash in your pocket. To become a pipefitter, you only need a brief technical training program or apprenticeship. You can be out on the job making over $45,000 within a few years; more if you attain a position within a union.

Excellent Return on Investment

While many professions require half a decade in a classroom and offer meager paychecks, pipefitting can help you start earning what you’re worth sooner. Depending on your training path, you may get paid right away as you’re learning. Additionally, unionized pipefitters will see even more benefits including quality medical insurance for you and your family and paid time off. You’ll also benefit from overtime work, where you can control what you earn by putting in more hours.

If you’re looking to kick-start a career as a pipefitter, you want to have the best available opportunities. As a top construction staffing firm, CCS Construction Staffing can help you find the right fit as you develop your skills. To learn more about your pipefitting path, contact us today.

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