2018 Construction Trends To Watch


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In 2018, innovation continues to grow and there are tons of new techniques, tactics, and technology to advance the construction industry. As a manager, you want to be on top of any new tips and tricks that can help you when managing a project or getting work done on site. CCS Construction Staffing is here to identify the top construction trends of 2018 and help you get on board to bring your company to the next level.


Infrastructure Updates

The United States is long overdue for an infrastructure overhaul. The nation’s highways and bridges are in need of reconstruction and repair, and we may see legislation this year that funds these developments. If you’ve been noticing an increase in dilapidated bridges and pothole-filled roads, you’re not alone. Trends in weather and modest local construction budgets means that citizens have to work around a poorly kept infrastructure system. This year, there may be a national effort to overhaul these streets and repair our country’s highways and roads.

Continued Labor Shortage

In construction, it’s frustrating that we’re still seeing the same trends we have for almost a decade: a very small pool of candidates for hire. Bringing on new workers is still challenging. With the Great Recession having a lasting impact on the economy, construction crews get hit twice as hard. Millennials aren’t drawn to construction work, or they don’t have the proper training to hit the ground running on the job. Low awareness means we may still see a decrease in eligible construction work candidates throughout 2018.

Strides in Automation

One of the continuing trends you’ll see this year is advancements in automation. Instead of thinking about how automation limits the workforce, imagine how it can facilitate innovation on the job. Construction is an ever-evolving field, which can be extremely beneficial to the work you do. Do your research: find out if there’s a way you can maximize your company’s productivity. This may mean upgrading machinery, adding a new tech tool, or bringing in a specialist to help you quickly and accurately execute your day-to-day tasks through new automation and innovation.


Looking for more ways to maximize your team’s workflow? Increase your workforce. CCS Construction Staffing can help you find the right fit for any construction job. We’ve got qualified candidates waiting to start their newest adventure, so contact us today.


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