How To Build a Rapport With Your Employees


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You’ve got a resume full of successful supervisory credits, completed trainings, and positive project outcomes. However, as a leader, certain soft skills will be just as important as your accomplishments on paper. Building relationships with your staff members is imperative to having a collaborative staff to coordinate on projects. If you’re having trouble developing these relationships, here’s our best guidance on how to get the ball rolling.

Honesty First

Some managers put on a front, trying to seem like the consummate professional. But your people will see right through a stiff false persona. Being genuine is so important when it comes to relating to your staff. If you can’t be authentic, you won’t be able to build those important employee relationships. Start your conversations with the truth in every situation. Your workers will value an honest approach.

Find Common Ground

You may have trouble bonding over commonalities. This happens often when there’s a generational gap. Perhaps you’re a Gen X professional with a staff of baby boomers, or a millennial overseeing a mostly Gen X team. Don’t panic – you can always find common ground to build rapport. Instead of trying to bond over TV shows or sports teams, make an extra effort to connect over something deeper. Ask your staff members if they’ve been on any interesting trips or enjoying any interesting experiences lately. You might find that you can discuss the beaches of Barbados, or reminisce together about horseback riding.

Make Memories

Don’t just feign interest in the lives of your workers. People will know if you’re not giving them your undivided attention and can tell when you’re just asking questions to kill time. If someone is sharing with you, make it a priority to remember that information. Follow up with your workers when they update you on current events in their lives. Recalling that later will show a genuine interest, and will help you form those important bonds.

To keep developing a strong, cohesive team; you’ll need to hire some talented staff members. Working with a staffing agency can help you recruit top talent for any project. If you’re ready to branch out, working with a high-quality staffing firm like CCS Construction Staffing will give you access to premium job listings and professionals that can provide you with valuable industry insight. Visit our website today to learn more.

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