Our Guide to Hiring Top Talent During the Construction Labor Shortage


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As a leader in the construction industry, it’s important to find the right talent to help execute your vision. Lack of eligible workers is slowing the growth of the industry as a whole, which reduces your project opportunities. But in a profession that’s facing a serious candidate shortage, it can be difficult to fill the needs of your clients. You don’t want to wrestle with project delays due to a hiring drought. We’re here to provide a guide to identify qualified candidates and get them on your team.

Where Have the Skilled Laborers Gone?

First, it’s important to talk about why we’re struggling to find skilled construction candidates. There are many reasons the industry is facing a labor shortage. Baby Boomers and ever Gen Xers are aging out of the field, millennials may have a bias against tough physical labor, and it can be difficult to entice workers to the field of construction work. But the construction industry’s shortage stems from a problem that began a decade ago.

The Great Recession had a direct impact on the construction industry, and the field hasn’t quite bounced back. Because of a shortage of positions during the late 2000s, potential workers left the industry and haven’t returned. This means as a manager, you need to be aggressive in your marketing and recruiting practices, and you need to be willing to take on industry newcomers to tackle projects. Here’s how you can attract the right workers to join your team.

Hire Like You Mean It

To truly tap into a market of eligible employees, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to finding the right people. To widen your search criteria, consider taking on team members with little to no experience. You may have to invest more time into your onboarding process, but you’ll gain access to more hardworking, reliable workers that just need a bit of practice.

Social media is your new best friend. Get your company on every platform and make sure you’re posting weekly or even daily updates on your organization’s projects. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great places to show the important work you do and recruit new professionals. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, and that the application process is as simple as possible to maximize your chances of finding the perfect candidates.

Stand Out as a Top Employer

One way to bring in talent is to emphasize the perks of working for your organization. Highlight existing incentives or create new ones to ensure you’ve got a wide variety of candidates interested in working for you. These are some appealing traits that superior companies offer:

  • Flexible Hours and Scheduling: Working longer shifts to have an extra day off and adjustable hours to fit a busy schedule are appealing for workers with families and multiple roles.
  • Regular Feedback: Young workers want consistent constructive criticism to help their performance on the job.
  • High-Grade Technology: Invest in innovation to show you’re all about modern advancements and maximizing productivity.
  • Quality Training: New construction professionals want specific training for their job with leadership from seasoned veterans.
  • Professional Development: You want your workers to grow as your company does.
  • Lifestyle Benefits: Think on-site lunch options, wellness programs to promote fitness or incentives to help quit smoking.


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