Best Practices to Retain Your Best Construction Employees


CCS Construction Staffing

Hiring great construction workers is only half the battle when it comes to having a great construction crew. You may find qualified candidates to join your team (especially if you utilize a top staffing agency), but the real challenge is retaining your staff members. The construction industry is facing a labor shortage across the country. The hiring process is more expensive than retaining existing employees, so it’s important to keep your workers satisfied. Here at CCS Construction Staffing, we’re sharing our best practices that will keep your professionals on the roster long-term.


Foster Independence

Providing growth opportunities is one of the best ways to retain workers. Whether it’s a path to promotion or encouraging innovation, an employee’s sense of independence is crucial. Giving a staff member a new project gives them a reason to stick around and enjoy the work they do. Construction workers will thrive when given an apprenticeship or training for a new skill. Develop the leadership talents of your staff, and your entire team will see the benefits.

Provide Flexibility

Construction workers are tasked with long, hard days. Whether it’s worrying about sunburn while leveling concrete or directing traffic in the pouring rain, the work is tough. You can offset the frustrations of the job by offering other perks, like an alternate schedule or flexible hours. Give some extra time on their lunch break, or give staff members more control over their schedules when possible. Treat your people well, and they’ll work twice as hard for you.


Make a checklist that you can consult semi-annually to ensure you’re exceeding expectations when it comes to your leadership abilities. Here are some things you want on your list:


  • Employees are fairly compensated
  • Workspaces are organized and clean
  • Effective communication plan is in place
  • Regular staff checkups (one-on-one chats or monthly staff meetings)
  • Delegating all tasks in a productive way
  • Staff members know the company’s purpose and big-picture goals


To learn more about managing your team effectively, contact CCS Construction Staffing. We can help you find employees that will be a perfect fit, and show you how to maximize your productivity for every project. Visit our website today.

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