Best Approach To Running a Lean Construction Business


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In 2018, it’s more important than ever to focus on conservation. You may be thinking, how is it possible to run a lean construction business? Lean construction is a collaborative method of building some clients prefer, which aims to reduce time, money, and waste. Between sourcing materials and utilizing all the right parts, it can be tough to cut time and costs. The professionals at CCS Construction Staffing are here to advise you on the top ways to run a lean construction business.

Coordinate and Conserve

The basic concept of lean construction is all about limiting waste by working together. You can’t run a lean construction business if your client isn’t on the same page. To execute a lean construction project, everyone has to be on the same page: trades, project managers, suppliers, and the client. As a construction professional, you want to ensure a smooth workflow for your entire team. Strategize early with your staff to keep the schedule tight and material costs low. There should never be a surprise on the site.

The A3 Way

One way to run a lean construction business is with A3 Reporting. This system uses short reports, less than two pages, to address a problem on the worksite. A quick summary of the project’s goal, the current landscape, the reason for the issue, and a recommended solution are all included in this brief memo. The A3 Report allows managers to quickly assess the conflict and start the mediation process immediately. Supervisors can follow up with recommendations and move on to the next task. No wasted time or resources necessary.

Lighten Your Labor Load

Overtime pay: the silent killer. Budgets everywhere are threatened by overtime work and surplus labor hours for a variety of reasons. Look at a list of your personnel and see if you can find more efficient ways to operate. Maybe you can switch up the way you schedule shifts, or train your workers to execute new tasks. Take a look at where your manpower costs are highest to see where you can cut costs. Reexamining this aspect isn’t about big layoffs – it’s about maximizing the productivity of your workers.

Work With a Leader in Construction Staffing

For more ways to maximize your team’s workflow, consult the experts at CCS Construction Staffing. As a top construction staffing firm in the Southeast US, we can help you manage your team effectively and stay in the loop when it comes to the latest industry trends.

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