Tips on How To Maximize Your Productivity on The Jobsite


Construction Staffing

Construction work is labor-intensive, complicated, and time-consuming. It’s one of the most vital economies in this country, and it requires high-caliber employees to execute the work. When you’ve got tough work to do, you need to guarantee that your employees are qualified and motivated. CCS Construction Staffing is here to provide you with our best insights on how to get the job done and make the most of your team.

Sticking to the Schedule

Maximizing productivity on a job site is all about keeping your team on track. The punch list should include every task that needs to be executed, with a clear deadline and responsible supervisor. This kind of specific detail will allow you to check on a project’s progress at any moment.


You want to make sure every employee is reaching their full potential at work. You can do this by effective delegation and a clear system of tracking tasks. A worker can’t complete a job if they weren’t aware it was assigned to them. Whether it’s a text chain, a project management board, or an up-to date app, you need a process that works for you and your people.


Don’t forget about the “time-suckers” — additional tasks or follow-up checks that are necessary to complete the project but aren’t always accounted for. Using your industry expertise and experience, every task should have a healthy time estimate. This will help you get ahead of schedule and cut costs in man-hours. Keep in contact with clients, subs, and suppliers to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Controlling Costs

Nothing deflates the pride of completing a project like knowing you busted your budget. You don’t want to let down your client or the company, so it’s vital to keep an eye on your costs. If you’re struggling with controlling the price or quantity of materials, you may need to reexamine your relationships with suppliers. It never hurts to ask for bulk discounts or special offers. You can also curb costs by investing in a great inventory system to ensure you’re not losing resources because of mismanagement.


To get a better grip on your labor costs, make sure you’re utilizing every employee wisely. Cut any time-wasting activity immediately. If your construction workers have time to play Candy Crush, they need more to do. Additionally, review your staff’s qualifications to ensure that each worker is licensed or trained to perform in their assigned role. It helps to have staff members trained in multiple disciplines, so that the project doesn’t halt when someone has to call in sick.


If you’re looking for more ways to improve your staff’s productivity, consider adding some fresh talent to the mix. As a top construction staffing agency in the Southeast, CCS Construction Staffing can provide you with access to the top candidates. Contact us today to learn more about what a top-notch staffing firm can bring to the table.

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