Important Insights on How to Attract Millennials to Work in the Construction Industry


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Millennials have a bad reputation: they’re lazy, they’re arrogant, and they need to be micromanaged. However, you won’t get by in any industry without rejecting these negative stereotypes and learning about the new professionals applying to join your team. While millennial workers tend to have a different approach than a Generation X or Baby Boomer staff member, they may be just as or even more valuable to your construction operation. We’ve got some important info on how to attract millennials to your organization, and why it’s a smart leadership move.

The Workforce is Shrinking

Baby boomers are aging out of the construction industry, if they haven’t already retired or quit. We need to fill these jobs with capable professionals, and the best way to do this is to capitalize on the fresh wave of talent leaving school. Millennials, young men and women aged born between the early 1980s to the late 1990s, Any new construction professional should be welcomed with open arms and trained in an effective manner. This will benefit your firm as well as the industry as a whole. You need millennials because they’re innovative, tech-savvy, and eager to learn.

Attracting Millennials

The importance of hiring millennial talent is undeniable. Training new workers with the skills our construction industry needs will help get projects done and get the industry booming again. Here are just a few ways to appeal to a younger crowd during the hiring process

  • Eye-Catching Job Posts: If you’re having trouble bringing in new talent, try working on your job listings to make them more interesting. Advertise any benefits you provide, and talk about the great aspects of working with your company.
  • Know Your Reputation: Construction work isn’t for everyone, but there are many features that may appeal specifically to millennials. Be aware of the drawbacks and advantages of this line of work – play up the alternate schedules and freedom to work outdoors on a project that matters.
  • Demonstrate a Career Path: Millennials want to know not only that their work will be appreciated, but that it will be rewarded. Set yourself apart by announcing opportunities for advancement and new skill trainings covered by the company. The chance to grow and excel always appeals to young workers.

Retaining Millennials

Once you’ve hired valuable new staff members, you’ll need to find ways to make it stick. Retaining staff members is half the battle, especially when it comes to grueling construction work. Here’s how to keep staff members satisfied and motivated.

  • Recognize your bias: If you’re creating an uncomfortable work environment for your staff, you’ll see high rates of turnover. Focus on creating a positive company culture and embracing what your new staff members bring to the table.
  • Focus on compensation: Pay a fair wage, bottom line. Workers aren’t loyal to a company that doesn’t adequately support them. Also recognize that compensation is about more than just pay. Provide perks and a positive atmosphere to keep your best workers on the staff.
  • Allow for work-life balance: Millennials maintain boundaries between work and play. They dedicate themselves to the task at hand, but are more likely than previous generations to take a mental health day. Acknowledge this trend and embrace it to receive the best from your employees.


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