Are You Using One of These Project Management Tools?


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To master construction projects, efficiency is key. Any industry leader knows the importance of saving time and boosting productivity. One of the best ways to capitalize on your productivity is to embrace technology. There are so many tools that can aid in your efficiency on the job, and CCS Construction Staffing is here to share some of the best solutions available.


Project Management Solutions

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your entire construction project, Fieldwire is your answer. This sleek system allows you to manage scheduling and record progress. One of the favored features of this application is its ability to work offline and sync as soon as a connection is available, so you can keep moving as you work.


If you need an app to facilitate communication, Fieldlens can help you bridge the gap. Keeping your team on track is always possible with direct methods of communication. Daily reporting is available through this app, as well as assigning daily tasks. Being able to delegate at the touch of a button can set you ahead of your competitors.

Safety Solutions

The construction industry relies on adequate safety training and procedure to see any project through. As one of the most important aspects of this field, you want to stay on top of incidents and accidents. Using Safety Meeting App is a fantastic way to log everything that happens on and off the site. Use this tool to conduct meetings that accommodate OSHA standards and track any important safety-related info.


iAuditor is a terrific tool for those that like to monitor construction components on-the-go. Between the ability to map out your site’s layout or execute paperless auditors, this application is perfect for navigating a complicated construction operation. Auditing via a mobile device is perfect for project managers that need to visit multiple sites and want to keep things straight.

Multipurpose Options

Buildertrend is one of the most popular construction apps, with an array of features to assist with your construction productivity. From organizing bills and POs to tracking your subs, Buildertrend has you covered. Check out this app on Apple and Android devices to help you focus on getting tasks done in a timely and organized manner.


When you have the tools to succeed at your disposal, it’s time to put your team to the test. If you’re looking for more professionals to help you get the job done, check out CCS Construction Staffing. We have qualified staff available with varying levels of experience to assist you in any construction area, so contact us today.

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