What Are the Most Wanted Skills Needed for High-Paying Construction Jobs?


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Any construction professional knows what it takes to stand out in the industry and capitalize on their abilities. Entry-level workers can learn the hard skills with some time on the job, but it takes dedication to become one of the elite construction experts in the industry. If you’re looking to make the transformation from novice to high-paid pro, CCS Construction Staffing can tell you exactly what skills will benefit you most.


The highest-paying construction jobs are the ones that require specialized, licensed work. You’ll see this as a common theme in the construction industry, particularly in the Southeast region of the United States. If you want to make the most money possible working in construction, you’ll need to hone your abilities and seek out the certifications. Examples of these high-income careers include elevator installers and mechanics, electricians, and boilermakers. You’ll need specialized training to access this subset of the construction field, as well as a few extra skills:

Physical Prowess


List all skills even if the position doesn’t require them: a versatile employee is a valuable one. Think about all the skills you’ve mastered so you can accurately represent yourself in a construction interview.

  • Ergonomics – Show future employers you won’t be a safety hazard by emphasizing your knowledge of proper lifting techniques.
  • Strength – Many construction positions require a certain weight lifting amount in the job description. You should be able to lift this, and more, safely.
  • Dexterity – Construction often requires meticulous detail work you need to execute flawlessly.
  • Experience with different machinery – List any machinery and tools you’ve worked with to show a diverse skill set.

Management Material

  • Leadership abilities – Any experience managing a staff or scheduling tasks will be vital in a construction management role.
  • Managing the site – Being able to give direction and oversee tasks on a construction site is a huge plus for potential employers.
  • Collaborating toward a successful outcome – Teamwork is an essential skill for any candidate looking to get ahead in the construction industry.

Practical Knowledge


Take the initiative to know codes and regulations inside and out on your own. You don’t want to get caught in a situation where your manager is lax with regulations and you get penalized for it.

  • OSHA – Safety hazards come naturally with construction work, so do your best to prevent what you can by staying in line with OSHA regulations.
  • Building Codes – Every aspect of the construction industry relies on work being executed the right way. Read up on building codes to stay focused on what works.
  • Environmental Regulations – You always need to know if the work you’re executing is going to be harmful to the environment.
  • Safety Codes – Know what it takes to keep things up to industry standards.
  • Labor Agreements – Be aware of what regulations apply to you and your peers.

Estimation and Logistical Experience

  • Experience negotiating costs – If you’ve ever worked with winning a bid or persuading a client or vendor, you’ll be an ideal pick for high-paying gigs.
  • Planning expenses – Abilities balancing a budget or determining project costs is a big benefit in this field. If you have experience with planning expenses or invoicing, you’ll be an ideal candidate for high-level jobs.
  • Inventory management – Any practice with operations or inventory management will benefit potential employers in your industry.
  • Latest tech & methods – Any innovations like RFID technology and new scanners should be on your radar if you’re looking to advance your career.

When you’ve mapped out the abilities you bring to the table for high-paying construction work, it’s time to find the right fit. Work with the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing to find the perfect position for your abilities to expedite your job search. To learn more about the benefits of working with the number one construction staffing agency in the Southeast, contact us today.

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