How to Increase Productivity in Your Construction Company by Having Fun in the Workplace


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Construction productivity, unlike some other industries, can be directly tied to profitability. If your people aren’t meeting their deadlines or completing tasks correctly, any project extension will cost your team. New technology and equipment leasing can add up, but the biggest way to save on your bottom line is to maximize the productivity of your staff.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are generally used in the construction industry to measure effective activity on a construction site, and narrowing in on this will help you swiftly reach your benchmarks for success. Labor costs are huge in this business, and you need your construction team to make the most of each day on the job. So, how can you boost productivity in the workplace?

Think About What Inspires You


When you arrive on-site each day, what helps you get through the day and stay productive? Most likely it’s not someone hanging ultimatums over your head and threatening deadlines. Most people get through the day with the encouragement of others and the motivation to get the job done. People respond more favorably to positive reinforcement. Giving people the opportunity to shine and rewarding them for hard work will keep them coming back each day. Consider implementing an incentive system to honor your staff, or more fun experiences to bolster teamwork and relationship building.

Team Outings


One way to keep your team productive is to give them a chance to connect and regroup. Setting aside specific times to relax will drastically reduce slacking on the job and will help your team feel more connected. If you want to create opportunities for your staff to unwind, talk to your team. Your first step should be to find out what your people would like to do. You don’t want to set up a big field day event and find out your employees would have preferred a simple happy hour. Find common ground, and create an event that will work for everyone.

Team Building


An essential aspect of construction work is teamwork. Construction work includes dangerous tasks and risky projects: You want to be able to trust the person next to you completely. Don’t underestimate the importance of building relationships on the site. You can encourage these vital connections by spending time during the onboarding process emphasizing the importance of trust in the workplace. Make your staff feel welcome and encourage them to come to you or their peers with anything.

Increased Flexibility


One of the most important things you can do for construction staff is loosen the reins on how tight the timeline can be. This industry is all about meeting deadlines, through all kinds of weather and every sort of delay imaginable. Construction employees work all kinds of hours on less-than-desirable shifts. Providing some flexibility can be a huge selling point for your organization. Try providing an extra ten-minute break for your hardworking laborers to stretch their legs. Additionally, make accommodations for staff members that need to keep up with medical issues or family obligations. Leadership begins with making your organization a standout place to work.

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