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The construction industry is going through undeniable changes – worker shortages, financial constraints, and the implementation of breakthrough technology. Any wise professional knows that the best way to embrace the future of the construction industry is to embrace the future of the workforce: millennials. This generation of the workforce includes all young adults born from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s. Take advantage of this talented group by embracing their strengths to improve the productivity of your company. If you’re on the fence on how millennials can improve your team, we’re here to help you get inspired. This guide explains tips on how to effectively manage and grow millennial employees.

Intro to Millennials

To lead millennials effectively, you’ll need to know what makes them tick. This generation often exhibits similar desires and habits in the workplace. Each employee you hire will have their own personality and motivation, but here are the general trends we see with workers in this age group:


  • Desire for detailed feedback and regular meetings
  • Emphasis on work-life balance
  • Disdain for micromanagement
  • Seeking a positive company culture
  • Passionate about special projects and the opportunity to stand out
  • Not afraid to switch jobs to find the right fit


Don’t forget that when you think about millennials in the workplace, don’t be intimidated. Millennials are people too. Although you may have heard rumors about poor work ethic and laziness, focus on your experience with your staff. Construction demands high standards for the workforce, and with millennials on your team, you may see a boost in productivity. This generation has fresh ideas and the technological savvy to maximize efficiency on the job.

Recruiting New Talent


To attract millennials to your company, you’ll need to diversify your recruiting tactics. If you’re looking for fresh talent, it’s essential to expand your reach. Job postings need to be listed on all available websites, not just one. One great way to find millennial talent is to increase your presence on social media. Advertise and recruit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Grab attention by using advertising innovation. Young professionals don’t want to waste time scrolling through dull listings that don’t give a true impression of what your company has to offer. Rather than a generic posting, consider creating a fun video to show millennials why they want to join your team. Be descriptive about your expectations for new hires so the job gets done right the first time.

Managing Millennials


One of the best ways to manage millennials is a lassiez-faire style of leadership. Step back and observe how your millennial employees work best. Begin with a blank slate and let them prove themselves on the site. Millennials hate to be micromanaged when they have the ability to succeed on their own.

Another tactic to help millennials thrive is structured teamwork. Create a unit dedicated to a specific project, with a mix of seasoned veterans and new hires. These two types of staff members will be able to learn from one another. Millennials will thrive on a team where they can learn from more experienced professionals, and veterans can get help with new innovations and technological updates.

Provide feedback. This generation is used to occupying a diverse workforce full of new ideas, and they’re always looking for the next great idea. Managing millennials means truly embracing their positive attitude and desire to keep learning. Allow time and opportunities for professional development so they can expand their skill set and feel comfortable at your company. To create positive relationships with your millennial staff members, you’ll want to meet regularly with them to keep lines of communication open.


To learn more about recruiting millennials and keeping them engaged, consult the experts at CCS Construction Staffing. We have a variety of resources available to help you expand your leadership abilities and insight on how to hire the best new talent. Visit our website today to learn more.

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