Why You Should Charge For Project Estimates?


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Any construction professional has experience with a tricky project bid. As a leader in your organization, you want to represent your company with pride and demonstrate your potential to do the job better than your competitors. All of this begins with a project estimate. Project estimates can be used as a negotiating tool. If you don’t charge for estimates, you’re wasting time and could run the risk of losing the job to another firm. Our construction pros provide their top insight on why you need to charge for project estimates:

Avoid Rookie Moves


Free estimates are for amateurs. Your staff and clients should feel pride in your organization’s reputation. Establish an estimates policy early on and make it clear to your team that you will maintain high standards for your work. Only novices waste time with free estimates, because it means missing out on the tangible costs a project requires. Free estimates don’t get you any closer to your goal of earning the rights to complete a project. An accurate cost estimate is key to having a complete picture of how to finish the job once you’ve earned a bid.

Don’t Waste Time


An estimate is an investment. If you’re not willing to spend your resources on an estimate to bid on a job, you don’t deserve the work. In the construction industry, time is money. Think of it as one of your resources, just like lumber or tools. You want to spend your time in the most efficient manner possible. Think about what a free estimate means – sure, you get a number from a pro that you could technically use toward your bid. But if you earn the contract, you’ll have to go back to the pro for another estimate. Construction is about accuracy: do things the right way, so you can transition smoothly to the next task.

Negotiate Like A Pro


You can’t effectively negotiate with a free estimate. If you want to show a client you’re serious, you’ll need to find the right estimate that can make your bid stand out among the competition. You also want to ensure that you have a good relationship with the pros you need to complete the job. You won’t develop that with a quick free quote. Utilize your estimates to your advantage by using them to haggle prices. If you’re having trouble obtaining the right estimate, try to clarify the language. Be sure all parties agree on what the task requires and how long it will take. To magnify your chances at winning the right bid, come in strong with accurate estimations from professionals that can give a great value towards your bottom line.

If you’re ready to put in the time it takes to cultivate the perfect bid, check out the resources available from our top team at CCS Construction Staffing. Our knowledge is backed by a decade of experience and accolades. Whether you’re looking to improve your negotiating skills or seeking new pros for your team, we can take your company to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.

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