Are You Making Contract Employees Feel Part of The Team?


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In any industry, making your team feel appreciated can be a tough task. Any manager knows there’s more to high morale than saying please and thank you. Construction is the toughest business there is long days, high-impact stress, and precision work makes for a difficult job for anyone on the site. Whether you’re operating heavy machinery or cataloging inventory, any mistake can be costly or even fatal. It takes serious skills to do the job right, and your team deserves to feel appreciated.

A common concern with team-building is contract employees — they’re valuable, they belong on the team, but they don’t always feel like a part of the group. Any temporary help should always feel like a part of the business, despite their term with the organization. Even the best leaders struggle when it comes to promoting a united front. We’ve got the tips you need to take you through the entire process of hiring contract employees and making them feel welcome.

During the Hiring Process


To ensure open lines of communication, talk to your team about new hires. Staffing changes can shake up veteran employees. A great way to smooth the transition is to explain to your team why hiring decisions are being made. This strategy eliminates any confusion and can help the team feel included. As you evaluate potential contract employee hires, screen carefully and focus on how they’ll fit in with the team. This will ensure a more cohesive work environment for everyone.

On the Job


Make sure your new hire has everything necessary to be successful. You can’t expect a great outcome if your staff doesn’t have the tools required to get the job done. Be sure they have access to all tools and technology, and an understanding of how everything works. Some contract employees will find it helpful to have a go-to resource during their first few days on the job. Designate a talented worker to be the liaison for any questions your new contract employee may have. Having someone to consult with will lessen any stress your new hire will feel and can show you existing staff members that have leadership potential.

Checking In


Once your contract employee is a seasoned worker, you’ll need to commit to regular check-ins. All employees desire regular feedback on their performance, so including contract workers in this practice is key to making them feel like a part of the team. Develop a rapport with your staff member over coffee or in regularly scheduled sit-downs. You want to be on the same page as your contract employee, so invest your time in these relationships. Think of it as quality control once removed. If there are conflicts on the job, you want to know about them immediately to prevent major slip-ups.

To maximize your success as an effective manager, you’ll want to hire the right people. Here at CCS Construction Staffing, we know what it takes to build the best construction team for your needs. Contact us today to take control of your hiring process if you’re looking to find top talent to finish the job.

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