7 Tips for a Better Skilled Trades Resume


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When you’re trying to hustle in the construction industry, it can be tough to know what employers seek. Often there are fresh new resume trends out there, but you don’t know what’s appropriate for your skills and your industry. We’re here to help you create a better resume using our top seven tips. If you’re looking to merge your professional credentials with attention-grabbing formatting, we’ve got the insight to help your resume stand out in the pile of papers.


First Impressions


When you submit your resume, bear in mind that hiring managers are sifting through plenty of paperwork. To stand out of the pack, you’ll have to make the top third of your resume impactful. Think of the top portion of your resume as your first impression. If you can’t capture attention in the first few lines of your resume, you’ll be passed over for more appealing candidates. Begin your resume by describing your standout skills, or talk about your most reputable work in the industry. Keep things concise, so the potential employers can easily find the most relevant information.


Use Data


When it comes to your work experience, you need to step up your game. Rather than just listing bullet points about things you did, show the reader evidence of how you contributed to each organization. Talk about the distinctive efforts that make you stand out, and back that up with facts and figures. If you sped up a project and completed it before a deadline that should be included on your resume. Employers are attracted to any measurable achievements you can prove.


Clean It Up


Think from a different perspective: if you were looking at a pile of resumes, what would appeal to you? Something fresh and clear is what employers want to see. Re-format your resume to create balanced content. You want your resume to look modern and organized, so consider breaking up your resume into readable chunks that highlight what you do and how well you can do it. Keep your fonts simple and clear, but consider adding color to your heading or organizing your content into four sections rather than one long list.


Keep It Modern


To create a better resume, you’ll need to stay up-to-date. You’ll want to cut out any unnecessary information. Additionally, get rid of anything that wastes valuable space, such as an “objective” section or even your address. These days, you only need to list a phone number and an email address. Check with co-workers to confirm what is appropriate in your industry if you’re not sure.


Skill Set Keywords


Talk about your skills in a way that corresponds directly with the job posting. The best way to increase your chances of landing a job is to completely customize your resume for each position. Find common ground between what the potential employer is seeking and what you can do. Often employers will utilize scanning software to track key phrases that relate to the position. Personalizing your resume perfectly to the listing is the best way to get in the door.


Attractive Accomplishments


To stand out among other applicants, you need to make your accomplishments shine. Using your new streamlined resume format, you’ll want to list your most impressive accomplishments at the forefront of your content. Don’t bury your achievements in a boring bulleted list. Stand out with a summary of your most impressive feats, listed right where it will grab an employer’s attention.


Timing is Everything


To update your resume strategically, it’s vital not to waste space. One of the critical mistakes young professionals and new workers make is including irrelevant work experience. Any apprenticeships or early positions should be eliminated, especially if you’ve got more important experience recruiters need to know about. More experienced candidates should also control their timeline, by excluding any experience from over ten years ago if appropriate.


Now that your resume is ready, it’s time to take your job search to the next level. If you’re a qualified professional looking to guarantee yourself a position, consult CCS Construction Staffing. If you’ve cultivated an outstanding skilled trade resume, we can match you with the right position. Contact us today to learn more.

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