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In an industry full of labor-intensive work and high-stakes decisions, your leadership abilities need to exceed expectations. It’s a dangerous job, on-site or off. Keeping your staff safe from injury and even death is mandatory if you want to run a successful business, but it’s not always an easy job. A construction manager doesn’t do damage control. They take proactive measures to ensure they’re providing the safest possible work environment for their team. To take this approach and prevent accidents before they can occur, read on to learn more about hazard avoidance.

Misuse of Machinery

The Problem: You may have equipment that’s outdated or broken, or you may have people operating the equipment that aren’t licensed to do so. This can cause serious accidents: the majority of fatal construction events over a two-year span involve laborers operating heavy machinery.

The Solution: Anyone operating heavy equipment must have proper licensure, and have the documentation present with them at all times during the work day. Be sure that only qualified professionals are working with dangerous work equipment. You should also review safety protocols and be sure that all parts are updated and functional.

Trips and Slips


The Problem: Although this issue seems less serious, it should not be taken lightly. Slipping can cause serious injuries: it only takes a few seconds for an employee to get hurt, and that’s going to hurt your bottom line. Trips and slips can be caused by equipment and cords in the wrong place or liquids on the ground.

The Solution: To prevent accidents like this, do your best to avoid spills. Make sure all items are in the right place to avoid trips, and tape down any wires or cords that could cause an incident. If there’s a spill or blockage on site, make use of signage to let people know that the floor is wet or that they need to take a different route.

Unexpected Obstacles


The Problem: In construction work, everything needs to be in its place. But often tools and equipment need to be moved quickly, or things need a new location. Whether it’s something falling from a high place or misplaced tools, the danger comes from the unexpected. Placing your drill on top of a surface for just a moment can mean an injury for someone that wasn’t counting on it being there.

The Solution: First, keep your inventory system tight so that everything is always in its proper place. Have a streamlined system in place, and keep all workers accountable. Next, be sure all ladder and elevated equipment usage is done responsibly. Lastly, stress the importance of tool and equipment responsibility among your staff. If a laborer picks up a drill, they need to know where it belongs and where it doesn’t.

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