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The modern era of the 24/7 culture places can be stressful and toxic. These days, everyone is available with the push of a button, and we live in a society full of constant pings, texts, tweets, and notifications. Receiving messages all day and all night is no longer uncommon. It can be tempted to make yourself 100% available and answer every message as it comes, but is this a realistic standard to set for you and your workers? Asking your people to be constantly plugged in will be sure to fry their circuits.

If you’re looking to create the most successful team, you’ll need to fight the rising tide of the 24/7 culture and try a different tactic. To help your people regroup and find the motivation to succeed on the construction site, you may want to encourage your staff to take vacations. While this may seem counterintuitive, there are so many reasons that this tactic can benefit your company.

The Facts:

Research shows that out of twenty countries around the world that have the most paid vacation days,  employees were found to be more effective and productive when they had more time off. In the United States, laws do not require a company to provide vacation time for their employees, and most American workers don’t take nearly the amount of time off that they earn. When it comes to construction work, you’re asking your people to perform back-breaking manual labor, so this industry needs to make vacation time a priority.

The Benefits:

Employees that take vacations are more productive, more successful, and more likely to be terrific leaders in the workplace. Time dedicated to relaxation prevents employee burnout and encourages retention. When your people are well-rested and take time for self-care, they are better equipped for a successful day on the job. You’ll see that team members are not only more capable of executing their day-to-day tasks, but they’ll also have a renewed understanding of the company’s vision. Stepping back helps guarantee a better view of how their job responsibilities contribute to your organization’s greater purpose.

The Vacation:

Encourage your staff to do their vacation right. If they have plans for relaxation on the beach, make sure they unplug. Expecting your staff to answer emails off-the-clock is detrimental to their down time, and they’ll return to work feeling stressed and resentful. A technology-free vacation will maximize a worker’s focus on recovering from the stresses of daily life, so make your team aware that you take vacation seriously. Plan for an employee’s absence fully, so you’re not tempted to call or email with follow-up questions when they’re off on a hike or out on the sea. Even if your staff members can’t head off to a tropical island for a week, you should still emphasize the importance of time off. You want your team using up their hard-earned vacation time: suggest a stay-cation, where they can engage in tourist attractions in their hometown and relax with a spa treatment or hotel stay. Also consider working out alternate arrangements, like four day work weeks when your office has more down time.

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