How to Deal with Back Pain on the Job


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As a professional in the construction industry, you know what it means to work with pain. Long days of hard labor, usually outdoors, causes immense strain. When you’re working in this industry, you also know the importance of safety. The best way to protect yourself from long-term injury and recurring pain is to use your strength to your advantage. When your back is aching, it’s time to find the source of your pain and work to address it.

Avoid the Stressors

The simplest way to reduce back pain is to avoid the source. The primary causes of back pain for construction workers are:

  • sudden movements
  • poor lifting form
  • excessive loads (taking on a task that should’ve been a team lift)
  • repetitive twisting and lifting

You should always use your core and legs while lifting, and anything over fifty pounds should never be lifted alone, according to OSHA. Construction work is strenuous, so don’t make it more difficult by pushing past your limit. Use caution if a task may end in pain the next day. Acting is a responsible and safe manner will help you stay healthy and avoid a hazardous incident at work.

Engage Your Core

A strong core is the best way to avoid strain and injury when lifting. We’re not talking about a six-pack here: just some improved abdominal muscles. Reduce back pain at work by building up your core strength with proper spine alignment. Whether you experience upper or lower back pain, your core an essential part of your body which brings strength to your neck, back, and legs. Exercises like forearm planks, crunches, and push-ups can help you build this important core strength.

Stay In Shape

Being healthy in general will help you decrease any negative impacts of difficult construction work. Carrying extra weight will add strain to your legs and back, so if you’re experiencing pain, losing some weight can decrease that tension. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing severe pain, or need approval to try a new exercise regimen. Exercising regularly, maintaining good posture, and stretching regularly while you’re on the job will reinforce the other great habits that will help you feel your best at work.

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