Cordless Power Tools


Corded and cordless drills are operated by electrical means. They each have their own safety requirements.

Cordless tools have specific requirements to ensure proper functionality and ultimately worker safety.

Cordless power tools can include the following:

  • Drills
  • Circular Saws
  • Orbital/Belt and Circular Sanders
  • And, other equipment

Use of cordless power tools:

  • Manufacturer instructions – carefully read and follow all instructions
  • Switch button – do not hold down while carrying tool
  • Consider the clothing you wear – loose clothing and jewelry can get caught in moving parts
  • Changing bits, blades and accessories – disconnect battery first to prevent accidental operation
  • Never reach into the point of operation
  • Specified personal protective equipment (PPE) – wear in accordance with your Hazard Assessment, e.g. hearing protection and safety glasses at a minimum


  • Secure your work – use a clamp or vise to hold your work
  • “Live” electrical wires – avoid them by knowing your environment when drilling into a wall, floor or anywhere else
  • Avoid severe burns – never touch the bit after drilling

Circular Saws

  • Blade replacement – make sure it is installed correctly (must be turning in the right direction with locking nut secured)
  • Tilt angle of saw – ensure correct adjustment
  • Dirt at bottom of saw – remove frequently using a tool or stick (do not use fingers)
  • Trigger switch – ensure smooth operation, avoid inadvertently locking unit into “On” position
  • Keep work secure – keep hands and other body parts out of the path of travel

Orbital/Belt & Circular Sanders

  • Review what you will be working on, e.g. some painted surfaces contain pigmented paints that may create a significant air contaminant hazard. Assure proper PPE and that ventilation is specified and used.
  • Metal objects – check work for objects such as staples or nails
  • Dust bag – if equipped, ensure it is emptied frequently
  • Prolonged use – break up work tasks to prevent overuse as vibration can cause injury to hands and fingers
  • Sander – hold by insulated handles

Maintenance of cordless power tools:

Preventive maintenance program

  • Perform routine scheduled maintenance
  • Read and follow all manufacturer instructions

Charging cordless tools

  • Never charge when temperatures are less than 50o or greater than 130o F.
  • Use only the charging system that came with your drill

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