Construction Safety- Safe Practices 3


Tools and machinery – prior to using:

  • Do not use tools with split, broken or loose handles.
  • Be sure you have clear area behind you before swinging a sledgehammer, or any other tools or materials.
  • Keep tools and materials away from edge of scaffolds, platforms, shaft openings, etc.
  • Have tools with burred or mushroomed heads dressed. Keep cutting tools sharp and carry in a container (not in your pocket).
  • Know the correct use of hand and power tools and use the right tool for the job.
  • Store oily wiping rags in covered metal containers or dispose of them safely.
  • Check hose, fittings, valves for leaks (use soapy water).
  • Before starting machinery, opening valves, switches, etc., check safety of workers. Have all safety guards attached.
  • Only qualified personnel should operate or service power tools, vehicles and other machinery.

Tools and machinery – safe operation tips:

  • Operate machinery and vehicles within rated capacity and at safe speeds.
  • Never point an air hose at anyone or use it to clean clothing; this is extremely dangerous!
  • Never use an air hose or air pressure to empty gasoline drums.
  • Do not look at welding or cutting operations without wearing proper eye protection.
  • Welding, and cutting operations should be closely supervised. Remove or shield nearby combustible materials.
  • Keep a fire watch with adequate fire extinguishers during and after “hot work” as job location require

Tools and machinery – repairs and maintenance:

  • Report defective power tools or machinery immediately.
  • Keep constant check on blocks, cables, clamps and other tackle. Repair or replace if defective.
  • Never adjust or repair machinery while it is in motion.
  • “Lock out” when maintenance job is required.

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