How Often Should You Be Conducting Training?


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In the ever-changing construction industry, there’s always something new to learn. Between existing industry standards. changing safety regulations, and technology like never before; it’s vital for you and your staff to stay informed. CCS Construction Staffing knows the importance of detailed training, and can help you know what works.

Training During Onboarding

Before any construction professional begins work, a great deal of training is imperative. Any onboarding process involves training regarding safety, HR processes, and company operations. You want to employ a safe, savvy staff. Training is always worth the time commitment. Orientation should include all necessary training components so workers can be prepared to get started as soon as possible. This is also the ideal time to verify the licenses of any new hires.

Frequent Safety Updates

Knowledgeable staff will guarantee that your company has an effective and safe environment. Often annual safety training is mandatory, in addition to specialized trainings throughout the year. However, you want to stay ahead of the pack. Consider a monthly training program with new informative training videos and any safety trainings recommended by OSHA or your company’s headquarters. Additionally, a weekly newsletter complete with company updates and safety advice would be ideal for a larger organization.

Accidents Happen — But Work to Prevent Them

You’ll want to also engage all employees in a training after any major incident or injury. Think of frequent safety updates as an investment: you’re preventing dangerous accidents and costly mistakes. Review how all machinery operates if you’re working in an organization with heavy equipment. Emphasize the importance of only licensed professionals using hazardous machinery, and discuss any relevant trainings after an incident occurs.

Professional Development

To keep talented employees from straying, consider your most important training: professional development. Any effective leader knows it’s necessary to offer your staff opportunities to grow and learn new skills. Think of professional development as your door to more productive staff. Offer compensation or longer breaks for outside training sessions that your employees are interested in, and in return you’ll have a diverse set of talented workers. These superior staff members will be ready to take on new tasks, and may make for excellent management material.

When you’re ready to learn more about the best training methods in the construction industry, check out CCS Construction Staffing. We have the resources you need to take a group of candidates to a team of astute professionals. If you’re seeking qualified workers for your construction needs, contact us today.

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