Why the First Ten Minutes of Your Interview are the Most Important


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Do you have sweaty palms or a dry mouth as you prep for your big interview? Even seasoned professionals get interview jitters, especially when it comes to a position you’re excited about. But how can you be confident you’ll walk away with the job? The secret revolves around the age-old saying: first impressions are everything. Our sources, top industry professionals, advise that the first ten minutes of your interview can make or break your chances at success. We’ve broken down the interview process into stages to help you conquer any obstacles. Here’s how to make a phenomenal first impression:

The Moment You Walk in the Door

Be sure you look the part. It’s a reality of business: you’ll be judged on your appearance. Do your research and find out what attire will be appropriate for your interview. Expectations will vary across different industries. For a construction interview, slacks and a polo may be appropriate. When it comes to an office setting, you’ll need your suit. You want to appear clean and polished. Prepare the night before — you don’t want to discover your go-to interview outfit is stained or dirty as you retrieve it from the back of your closet.

Initial Introductions

Greet everyone. When you enter the building you should be friendly to each person you encounter, because you never know how interactions may affect you. Always lead with kindness and professionalism. When you meet the interviewer or members of the search committee, lead with a strong handshake and introduce yourself to each individual. Maintain eye contact and a friendly smile, and make a mental note of names and important information.

The First Questions

Prepare ahead of time with knowledge about the company and the position you’ve applied for. Be ready to talk about yourself without sounding arrogant. Talk up your skills using specific examples from your experiences to show you’re an ideal candidate right off the bat. Prepare for any question they may ask. If you’re worried about speaking to your accomplishments, create a professional portfolio of your work. Reflect on every project and promotion so you can be prepared for your interview.

The Deeper Dive

Follow directions precisely, from filling out the paperwork properly to answering questions thoroughly. Hiring managers can weed out unqualified candidates if they can’t follow simple instruction. Also, be prepared to handle criticism. The hiring manager may play it tough to see how you react when under pressure. Stay calm and respond with firm, direct responses to show you know your stuff. Keeping a level head under scrutiny is a terrific way to impress a potential employer.

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