Easy Tips to Protect Your Skin Against the Sun


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As a construction professional, you know that a day on site can mean hours of laboring in the intense heat of the sun. Being safe and responsible on the job includes taking care of yourself when it comes to the dangers of your skin under the hot sun without protection. Seasoned laborers know that once you are out in the heat, you must take extra precautions to keep your skin cool, but new workers often get caught on the job without proper protection. Follow these tips to avoid getting sunburned.

Tip #1: Apply Sunscreen

The primary way to prevent damage from ultraviolet rays and avoid harmful burns is to apply sunblock. Sunscreen is necessary if you are going to be outdoors, even if there are clouds: You can still get harmful sun damage on days that are not so sunny. Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours. Experts recommend about an ounce to cover all exposed areas of your body, so be sure you are using enough. Don’t forget to cover easy-to-miss spots like your chest, neck, and face. Use an SPF 30 or more to be safe, and reapply more frequently with heavy perspiration.

Tip #2: Protect Your Head

Always be sure to wear a hard hat when it’s required on a job. Otherwise, be sure to keep your head, neck, ears, and face safe from the sun by wearing a hat. Always have a spare ballcap handy, particularly if you think you might not have a chance to reapply sunscreen. Even if you have plenty of hair, you’ll want to avoid burns on your scalp, ears, or forehead.

Tip #3: Cover Up

A simple way to reduce sun exposure to your skin is to keep your body covered. Wear a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to avoid sun damage to your arms, and wear sunglasses that block UV rays to keep your eyes safe. Seek shade when it is an option, especially if you haven’t brought sun protection. If you’re able to work in the shade or indoors when the sun is directly overhead, take the opportunity to do so.

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