Carpentry Safety


Personal protective equipment:

  • Keep work shoes in good condition so that your footing will always be solid and secure.
  • Turn trouser cuffs up inside and sew.


Elevated work:

  • Erect scaffolds and supports from sound materials of ample strength to carry the load.
  • Construct platforms of sound lumber.
  • Secure toe boards and handrails in place.
  • Use both hands to hold on to side rails when going up or down a ladder.
  • Use rope to raise or lower material or tools.


  • Sharp cutting tools are safer than dull ones.
  • Do not use tools with defective handles or mushroomed heads.
  • Keep saws properly set.
  • Do not carry sharp-edged tools in your pockets unless the edges are protected in a sheath.

Safe working areas:

  • Never leave loose boards or tools on scaffolds, runways or platforms where they may be knocked off onto people below or cause workers to trip.
  • Keep boards with nails in them out of passageways and working spaces. Nails should be pulled out, or boards piled out of the way.
  • Clean up all loose material at the end of each work day.
  • Place an adequate number of red lights or warning devices in place to indicate material piled close to a walk or passageway used at night.
  • Barricade passageways if there is danger of objects falling from overhead.

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