Why You Need an ‘Elevator Pitch’ to Find a Construction Job


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Picture this: you run into a hiring manager for a top construction company, or a high-caliber project management professional. You have less than a minute to make your case as to why they should hire you. Being prepared for this scenario will open professional doors you may have never expected. Narrowing your pitch to ensure you never miss your chance at success.

Create Your Message

Focus your pitch on a central theme. If you’ve only got twenty seconds to talk about your accomplishments, you don’t want to be all over the place. Assert yourself with confidence and sell yourself. If you’re the go-to person for specialized carpentry, or if you are a superior project manager, communicate this using examples from your work experience. Consider a quick statement like, “My team counts on me to complete all intricate construction work, because I’ve completed each project this year a full week ahead of schedule”. Advertising your unique abilities will leave a lasting impression.

Make a Connection

Creating a human bond in under a minute can be simple if you can provide compelling examples of how you can relate to someone else. You can sell yourself by telling a great customer service story, or a compelling personal moment that’s launched your professional success. Construction can be a tough business, but you can stand apart if you can sell your softer side. Also, don’t forget that practice makes perfect: be sure to deliver your pitch correctly by rehearsing what you want to say so you don’t miss a beat.

Take Action

If you’re searching for the right construction position and you have a chance to impress an industry titan, seize the opportunity. Networking can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to embrace any chance to put yourself out there. Mentally assemble your top accomplishments in a concise, descriptive manner so you can make a terrific impression in a short amount of time. The most important part of this process is ending with a positive outcome. If they’ve requested your resume or a second meeting, your mission is accomplished.

As a construction professional, you need to be ready for your next job opportunity. Once you’ve perfected your “elevator pitch”, try accelerating your job hunt by working with a staffing agency like CCS Construction Staffing. We seek highly qualified candidates for in-demand construction work that will suit your needs, so check out our website today.

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