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In the construction industry, it’s all about time, money, and safety.  When a project is conceived, a solid foundation must be built by careful planning. This project will be successful if you’re able to stay on schedule, be mindful of costs and regulations, and always check your punch list. This post identifies why you need to maintain your punch list, and how it can help you on the job.

The Process

Initially, the idea for the construction project gets solidified into a concrete plan. As the project progresses, contractors and project managers check items off to-do lists and accomplish work while adhering to safety regulations. As the work is completed, it’s time to close out the job and tie up all loose ends. While your team completes each milestone, it’s vital to remember to consult the punch list.

The Punch List

The duty of the punch list is to identify and list problems that come up on the job. Make a note of everything, even if you’re not sure it’s significant. Something that seems small might not be, and you don’t want a miscalculation to slow down the entire project. The punch list is essential for inspecting the project as it progresses, so it’s important that you check it intermittently before the project finishes, not when you’re wrapping up work. You don’t want to leave the punch list problems too long, or they may not be fixable. The punch list also keeps your team accountable: You’ll be able to have a documented method of knowing what needs to get done. Format your punch list with definitive deadlines to ensure timely project management.

Build Your Team

As you add problematic items to the punch list, you’ll need your team of professionals trained and ready to tackle each obstacle. Be sure you’ve got the team members you’ll need for every step of the job and each task on your punch list. Hiring credible and reliable contractors with expertise in needed areas will guarantee you can handle everything that comes your way. If you’re looking to develop your team with the addition of new staff, consider a temporary staffing agency specializing in construction like CCS Construction Staffing. Adding a qualified carpenter or laborer to your ranks can be as easy as clicking on our link to request manpower.

For insight on how to strategize for your next construction project, consult CCS Construction Staffing. If you’re looking to bolster your professional development among team members and improve project management outcomes, check out our resources. Contact us today to see what we can do for your construction business.

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