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As a project manager or construction professional, it’s your duty to start any task with a clear plan. Creating the right budget for a job is essential to a successful, profitable project. It can be difficult to manage costs as obstacles come up throughout the construction project. To manage your time and money in the most productive way possible, follow CCS Construction Staffing’s tips on how to control construction costs and execute the perfect plan for your next construction project.

Trust Your Instincts

Don’t leave it to a professional financial expert when it comes to planning your budget. It may seem counter-intuitive, but relying on a financial consultant can be a huge mistake. Your team is the expert in this area: you and your workers know the cost of goods and what it takes to complete a project. Financial experts may reference industry standards to estimate the total construction cost, but they won’t have the most accurate numbers. Use your insider knowledge to develop a budget that’s right for the project at hand.

Be Realistic

Making reckless choices to speed up the construction project is a big mistake. Project managers know how to shave off some time while still maintaining quality standards, but don’t go too far. Include time in the project schedule for anything that may go wrong: this way, you’ve got a plan B, and if all goes well, you’ll be ahead of schedule! The last thing you want is to lose track of time on a project and end up delayed for weeks, or even postponed indefinitely. At the start of a project, you can’t predict inclement weather or staff turnover, so it’s best to be prepared with a cushion of extra time built in.

Stay on Task

It’s the project manager’s responsibility to keep things running smoothly. One of the primary ways a construction budget gets out of control is due to a lack of accountability. Remember the goal, stick to the numbers, and do your best to maximize efficiency. A great way to guarantee the project is coming along is to build relationships with the contractors and workers on site. Being friendly and consistently available will, in turn, cultivate strong team ties so you can find out how the project is coming along.

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