Why its Time to Incorporate Wellness into Your Company Culture


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It’s hard to deny that hiring in the construction industry has become increasingly difficult over the past few decades.  One way to attract potential employees is to focus on your company culture. Qualified workers are reluctant to overexert themselves for a company that doesn’t seem to care about their needs. Modern workers admit to feeling burnout or disengagement, and a great leader wants to attract and retain high-caliber talent. Focusing on wellness: The state of being in positive physical and mental health, is essential to retaining your best workers:

Why Wellness?

Healthy employees are happy and productive employees. Your company won’t waste money in lost time due to sick days or injury. When workers feel positive, they interact with each other better and they are more engaged with their projects. Focusing on wellness isn’t hard to do – start by buying healthy group lunches or promote team bonding by paying for the first around at happy hour. When managers are fully committed to improving company wellness, employees will follow.

The Importance of Fitness

Construction is one of the most strenuous professions out there, and employees need to take care of themselves. One excellent way to focus on wellness in the workplace is to prioritize an active lifestyle. Encourage simple stretches that can be done on-the-job to alleviate stress and strain, or subsidize gym memberships to promote healthy living off-the-clock.

Prevent Illness

As much as you need everyone to do their part, an employee is much more valuable when they are 100% healthy. Encourage workers to take sick days when they need them to avoid spreading germs to the rest of the group. If you see an employee is getting overwhelmed, reassure them that taking a vacation day will help them relax, and the job will move forward. You want the best from your team, mentally and physically.

Put Out Smoking

It’s time to stop smoking once and for all. It’s a bad habit, a time waster, and a detriment to the health of your employees. Successful non-smoking campaigns can seem impossible, but CCS Construction Staffing knows all about these challenges. Check out our article, Effective Ways to Encourage Your Team to Quit Smoking. Kicking tobacco is a great way to improve the overall wellness of your team.

Wellness is an important initiative for any company, but it shouldn’t be the only project for your construction team. If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your company’s culture or add more valuable members to your team, check out CCS Construction Staffing today. As a top construction staffing agency, we’ve got leadership tips and resources as well as a pool of qualified candidates for hire.


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