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Managing work on a construction site can be overwhelming. Whether it’s the day to day emails or large scale building projects, you need to have your work in order. Staying organized is essential to getting everything done. Being able to coordinate tasks and delegate responsibility is essential to being a construction project manager. Here at CCS Construction Staffing, we know exactly how to get it done efficiently. Read on to find out how we maximize construction project management.

  1. Be Able to Adapt

As an insider in the construction industry, you know that each project can vary greatly. Whether you’re renovating a residential apartment complex or building a windmill from the ground up, there are going to be different challenges that arise. To succeed on every construction project, you’ll need to employ a vast skill set and be ready for any obstacle. Start each construction project with a complete list of what needs to be done, in what order, down to every detail. Attention to detail is vital for a successful construction project manager.

  1. Streamline Your Strategy

Whether you’re working off of a design, bid, build contract or a design-build contract, you’ve got to get a plan in motion. Talk to your team before you receive the contract to review exactly how you want to approach the job. Perhaps it’s a standard project your company has experience with. In this case, create the best strategy by delegating tasks to trusted staff members to expedite the job. Saving time means saving money, and optimizing your bottom line will always keep clients satisfied.

  1. Cover Your Contractors

An important part of any construction project is managing your contractors. Ensure you are ready for the job on day one by communicating with your staff and setting a firm schedule. Keep your budget in mind when employing construction contractors on a low-bid, best-value, or qualifications-based selection. Once you’ve selected contractors for the work, be sure to settle a payment plan on paper so there are no discrepancies. Additionally, you want to always be on top of your budget: keeping costs in check will be beneficial for everyone involved.

  1. Keep in Code

A successful project manager has one final duty: safety. It falls on the construction project manager to guarantee that all work is up to code. You should be overseeing all work closely to keep construction accurate to the agreed-upon specs, and adhere to all industry safety standards. Review the necessary code regulations of each component of the project with everyone involved, so there are no discrepancies. Each member of the staff should know precisely what is appropriate and what is dangerous.

If you’re looking to learn more about construction project management, or if you seek additional advice to elevate your leadership abilities to the next level, CCS Construction Staffing is here to help. Contact us today for helpful construction management resources, or expand your team’s talent with our vetted construction candidates.


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