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If you find yourself dreading your job, feeling discouraged, or seeing physical and mental signs that something’s not right, you might be getting burned out. If you’re overworked, the symptoms can be anything from some forgetfulness to a serious physical attack. Below we’ve identified some telltale symptoms of burnout, and provided some quick fixes. It’s important to note that if you’re feeling burned out, a little yoga isn’t going to solve the problem. Working overtime all the time simply isn’t sustainable. Find a way to change the way you work or the amount you take on in order to truly solve the issue of being overworked. Here’s what you need to do:

Check Yourself

It’s vital to be in touch with yourself. If you’re seeing an increase of forgetful behavior or physical illness, you may be pushing yourself too hard. Overworked managers may experience lethargy, apathy, or uncharacteristic behavior. If you’re always punctual but find yourself arriving late to meetings, you’re under too much stress. Think about who you are. If you’re noticing large and detrimental changes, re-evaluate your performance. Try mapping out a schedule to stick to, or managing your time better.

Stay in the Moment

One simple method to avoiding burnout is to concentrate on the present. Focusing too much on the future can actually be counterproductive. If you’re always stressing about the next deadline or future projects, you’ll never give yourself a chance to breathe. When you’re feeling like you are overwhelmed, try turning down new projects until you’re able to manage your workload. Additionally, a day off can do wonders and help you re-center your focus on what’s truly important in your work.

Manage Your Attitude

If you find yourself feeling crabby at work or losing patience rapidly with colleagues, you may be overworked. You may be under a lot of pressure and feeling exceptionally stressed, but taking it out on your team is not good practice. A great way to improve your attitude is to acknowledge what you’re feeling and work to move past it. Try examining your schedule and seeing what you can remove to give yourself a break. Take an hour for lunch instead of eating at your desk. Take a five minute meditation break. An overload of stressors is likely to make you snap at the first person you see, which is simply poor leadership.

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