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2017: Time for you to make the most of your leadership role, and your team’s potential! This is the year you maximize the best ideas your team has, and help to keep them driven and motivated. This requires a staff that is engaged in their work. Often, particularly after a holiday slump, it’s easy for your workers to fall into a pattern of discontent and slow progress. You’ve got to stay attentive to your people to promote positivity and productivity. So how do you keep them focused and interested?

Top-Notch Management

To ensure the best possible performance for your work group, you need excellent leaders. Be sure the individuals you hire to directly supervise others have a good balance of encouraging their staff and keeping them in check. You want someone who’s firm yet empathetic to tackle all workplace issues and conflicts. Make sure they are implementing solid productivity strategies and building relationships to foster excellent lines of communication. Hiring the best managers allows your staff members at every level to flourish.


Excellent leadership isn’t simply represented by meeting your bottom line or throwing a great year-end party. Leadership is choices that have to be made each day. And the most successful supervisors are reliable and diligent. Each day you walk in the door, your attitude and behaviors dictate the way your employees perform. Set a great example for them by accomplishing your tasks on time and with a smile. Engage your employees by setting personal reminders to check in with each staff member. Don’t just set up meetings when there’s a dispute, or you’ll become a harbinger of bad news. Be the boss that cares enough about the staff to set aside time to touch base and help your people stay on track.

Ask Tough Questions

Set a threshold for honesty with your workers by encouraging trust in the workplace. Deliver on your end by telling them your expectations, and how you evaluate them. This allows workers to see the big picture and stay dedicated to the important tasks you assign them. If you offer honesty, they’ll return the favor. Find out what their career goals and long-term objectives are so you can help them stay motivated and engaged specific to their skill sets and favorite parts of the job. Let them be frank about the assignments they dread and what triggers your employees to become disengaged. Perhaps it’s as easy as swapping their workspace with someone else, or maybe they want to do more hands-on work.

It’s time to find the right staff and managers who can maximize the efficiency of your business. Check out CCS Construction Staffing! We’ve got a great selection of professionals your company can draw from, and we’ve also got the resources to show you how to retain them and keep them motivated.


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