Swamped with Paperwork? Let a Staffing Firm Do the Dirty Work for You


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Feeling overwhelmed with your workload? As a leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to delegate work. You may feel uneasy assigning tasks to others, but a strong boss knows when to let someone else step in. You’d much rather be on the site with your crew or reviewing the blueprints for an upcoming project than wasting time on administrative details.  Often, the paperwork that comes with hiring new staff is just one more obstacle between you and your goals. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals. Hiring seasonal or temporary workers is an expert move, and with a partner you can trust, you can boost productivity through the roof.

Why Temp Staffing?

Temporary staffing firms specialize in getting you top-notch construction workers ready to take on any job on your site. If you can’t afford to spend time and money on job listings and vetting qualified candidates, a staffing firm is the perfect solution. Your company can quickly staff up with as many pre-screened, qualified workers as you need. A temporary staffing agency is a serious asset because you can request talent specifically catered to your needs, and you get to skip the vetting process!

The Benefits

Staffing firms have a wide pool of candidates to draw from and they’ve already screened applicants so the process is as efficient as possible.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about interviews, drug screenings, background checks or paying out benefits. Temporary staff get in and out quickly, maximizing the efficiency of the project. The fees charged by a staffing agency will be less expensive than the cost of hiring on your own, which is helpful for your company’s bottom line.

What to Expect

When filling temporary positions through a staffing agency, know that you’re getting team members who are pre-screened and have a background in exactly the kind of construction work you seek. Temp staffing bridges the gap between professional-grade workers and employers. You won’t need to spend extensive time and money training these staffers, they are already prepped. Additionally, hiring temporary staff can be a first step to finding talented full-time employees. If you’re on the fence, hire through a staffing agency and see if they are worthy of being an official part of your team. Ready to dive into a pool of applicants ready to take on your construction needs? Check out CCS Construction Staffing today. We’ve got hardworking vetted candidates ready to tackle your toughest jobs, so contact us when you’re ready to meet your company’s needs.


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