Effective Ways to Encourage Your Team to Quit Smoking


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Smoking: It’s unhealthy, dangerous and toxic to productivity. Help your staff squash this habit, especially while at work. Construction staff are more likely to smoke than white collar workers, so help your team by focusing on quitting methods targeted at their industry. Non-smokers are more efficient workers, and it’s possible to kick the addiction with planning and support. A smoke-free work environment is cleaner and safer, which benefits your entire team.

The Risks

These days, we all know the drawbacks of smoking. Aside from the perilous health hazards and the physical toll smoking takes on an individual, it hits hard in the corporate world. Smokers face a wage gap, and are likely to make 10 percent less than their non-smoking colleagues; a hard hit to someone investing in an expensive vice. In addition to a smoker’s increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and lung disease, smoking is dangerous for all workers due to the toxic effects of secondhand smoke. Second hand smoke is extremely toxic as well.

Stage a Deadline

Be firm in your company’s commitment to helping workers quit. Enforce limitations on smoke breaks or prohibit smoking entirely from the site. These methods will depend on your current regulations and industry guidelines, but do what feels right for you and your workers. Consider joining “The Great American Smokeout,” a national campaign for smokers to quit on November 17. Include it in your company newsletter and start an effort to help your employees end the habit.

Provide Support

If many of your workers are attempting to quit nicotine, help them succeed by providing resources. The American Cancer Society has tips on how to combat the addiction, as well as other information to help your staff give it up for good. Think about initiating a support group, or substitute smoke breaks with a healthy alternative, like a quick stretch break. Replacing a bad habit with a good one is a terrific way to build team morale and enhance productivity.

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